When it starts as one thing…

What delving back into short stories has reminded me is that something can start out with a clear idea of what it wants to be — and end up somewhere completely different. Sometimes I feel as if there are all these stories in my head fighting for a voice and sometimes it feels as if the stories overlap. But one thing I know for certain is that as I write them, they show me what they want to be. They create themselves into a beautiful thing. Or that is the hope.

So I had an idea ticking that deals with child loss (big subject I know), and I don’t mean like Eleanor Boone in my novel who goes missing, I mean the death of a child, and then I knew what it was going to be and who was narrating until… well, until it decided it wanted to set in the future and the protagonist was in fact a young athlete and not an old woman and it almost had a Stephen King feel to it. Not sure this was the intention but that’s what it is.

This is why I always say plan to a point, but over planning might stifle the creativity. I like to be in tune with that side of me I can not see… the part where the magic comes from.

I will be blogging Monday and then will give you all a break from me as I will be on my retreat where I hope the only writing I do is on the novel or perhaps finishing the short story.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Creative magic


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