And we must keep learning…

Life is a journey we all take. We all know it ends somewhere, or certainly this phase of it does. Sometimes we are reminded of that. Yesterday I was at a funeral, more to support a friend as I had not met her husband, but the love for him shone through and it was still very sad. Later I was reminded of the pain of loss when some very close friends lost a beloved pet and it happened while they were away.

There is no easy way to deal with grief, it reminds us of our own sense of fragility — and that we must take life while we have it and hold it very dear. Dream big they say.

We must keep learning from the lessons life teaches us, just as must keep dreaming.

I worked through my loss and it’s hard to believe that was almost ten years ago; it has made me who I am now and the writer I am now.

Writing for me has always been something I turn to and have since a child. It’s my way of making sense of a world that often can feel senseless.

Because of the way I am, passionate and some might say obsessive about anything I do, the people I was around at the time I worked through my grief, at work, saw writing as some silly hobby and my passion as something that should have been directed at my day job. I did work hard at my day job, and I got great appraisals, so what did it matter? I couldn’t have dreams? Didn’t I, of all people, realise the importance of that?

So when my boss suggested something had to give, and he meant my writing, I said yes and not long after I gave up my job to live the dream. If Lee’s life (and death) taught me anything it’s go for your dreams and do what makes you happy. Sure there are barriers, but how many of those do we make? There is always a way. The fear is natural; the rewards are endless.

So when I saw this poster, I smiled to myself and I thought about all the doubters… and the words of a Manilow song that says: They said it wouldn’t last; a week, a month, a year? Dream on they said, ’cause dreamers disappear… but didn’t we show them, weren’t they blow away… hey I’ll let you hear him telling the world, look doubters, we made it…

And now listen to what Johny has to say. Wise words indeed.

Follow your heart.

Love your dream.

And you will always be happy.

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