A Mental Workout

I read people talking about wanting to be a writer, having the dream, but then life gets in the way and they don’t write for a while, they struggle to get back into it… sound familiar? It reminds me of the way people talk about going to the gym — when you find them they are either in the zone and doing it, or they’re not. But the truth is if you love something you will do it anyway. And on the off days when life ‘does get in the way’ you still do it, even if you only do 15 mins high impact training or 500 words on a page. You don’t want to be a writer: you choose to be one. You don’t want to be fit: you get fit.

See the thing is, one if you love it you do it anyway and two you have to establish fixed behavioural patterns to make progress with anything: take continual daily action if you wish to succeed.

I have learned that it’s about the habit more than anything. Some days I write and it flows, other days it’s slower — the same as some days I work out with bounce and determination and sometimes it’s harder, but I always give it everything I have and more that day. I always ache at some point from pushing my muscles — and the same with the mental muscles, except of course the brain has no muscles but you know what I mean.

I love to challenge myself on a daily basis.

Go the extra mile.

Dream big.

Keep at it.

Writing is a craft that must be learned and so process is key. You don’t write a great short story or a novel any other way than taking continued action towards the goal just as you don’t tone up those butts without lots of squats, you get the idea.

That is all! Have a fab Wednesday folks! 🙂

Fitness and brain



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2 responses to “A Mental Workout

  1. I have the same idea, where I set a writing goal for myself everyday. It’s usually something super small on the weekdays – like 500-800 words – and then something bigger on the weekends – 1,000-3,000 words. It really helps.

    • That’s great. I think it’s the only way to make progress. You can write for a hobby and dip in and out as the must takes you or you can make a decision I am a writer and therefore I write. And just do it! Sounds like you have a great plan. I tend to do all my writing (5 hours a day approx as have to do the paid editing work) on week days and actually don’t tend to write much at weekends! Thanks for the comment Debz 🙂

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