Busman’s holiday?

I realised today that I used to see holidays as an escape from my life, but now it’s quite the opposite. My writer’s retreat next week is not an escape, just finding a new environment to do what I do anyway. Doing what I love to do anyway, right?  I suppose if it’s escaping anything, it’s escaping the busy-ness of my life to sit for a while and have more ‘me’ time, but while I won’t be editing other work, I will be writing 🙂 And I’ll be brainstorming I hope as there will be other writers to talk to.

I am also in the process of making plans for my LA trip which is only about eight weeks away. I will be booking a writing conference which, while the emphasis is more on the memoir, will be about writing stories and for me it’s more about meeting other writers.

I have also been invited to a free author event a couple of days after I arrive and am hoping if there are any writing groups that welcome visitors I might be able to come along to those. It’s exciting, different location, new people.

I am also looking into the gym so I can join that for my two weeks and meet new people in classes there. Try some new classes!

It made me think how if I do these things; it means I have it right — the balance. The things I have in my life now are the things I want in my life.

Sure, in LA I plan to do holiday things, relax but in the mornings you will find me writing.

So maybe it is a busman’s holiday? But is that a bad thing? You decide.

Happy Tuesday. Find your balance. Live your dream. Never give up.


Doing what you love


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One response to “Busman’s holiday?

  1. Sounds like the perfect holiday to me, Debz!

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