Taking Inspired Action

If you do something because you think you must; because you know it’s good for you — so you write a 1000 words a day and you go to the gym, if the action isn’t inspired, if it doesn’t come from the heart — you won’t keep it up.

I decided this morning to pick a random page in The Secret, the little positive thinking book I keep close at hand and landed on a page that read:  Action is a word that can imply ‘work’ to some people, but inspired action will not feel like work at all. The difference inspired action and action is this: Inspired action is when you are acting to receive. If you are in action to try to make it happen, you have slipped backward. Inspired action is effortless, and it feels wonderful because you are on the frequency of receiving. Imagine life as a fast-moving river. When you are acting to make something happen it will feel as if you are going against the current of the river. It will feel hard and like a struggle. When you are acting to receive from the Universe, you will feel as if you are flowing with the current. It will feel effortless. That is the feeling of inspired action, and of being in the flow of the Universe and life.

© The Secret:  LINK

I like this. I think working hard and it feeling hard are different things. Take the stages of novel writing, and the times when the writing isn’t flowing like that river; it can feel hard but if you work and don’t give up, rethink, plan, listen to others, that process should feel inspired and suddenly you realise you are flowing with the river, not against it. If you hate the process you will never achieve your dream. At the gym I work really hard and it’s tough so no one is saying it is always quite as ‘effortless’ as this implies but the results feel effortless, so I know I am inspired. I never think oh no, I have to go to the gym.  I welcome it, it’s part of my life. As soon as I go I am amongst friends. They make me feel happy and so yes it’s hard work and it hurts, but it’s also fun and so even then, I know I am flowing with the river. And you can see the results.

We put up our own barriers; so use your mind to take them down.




Wish it and then work for it.

That is all. Have a great weekend everyone.


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