Head Nods and Room Shifts

This week I have been waking up feeling more exhausted than before I went to bed, really. I know it’s my body’s way of saying take a break Debz. I’m aching these days when I wake, but not the usual gym muscle aches, it’s a general feeling of exhaustion 😦 She says nodding (her head): pleonasm alert. (See how I work writing into everything!)

Do you know what a pleonasm is? Well here’s the writing bit: nodding the head, shrugging the shoulders, squinting the eyes, thinking in the mind, seeing with the eyes. While there is no rule that says you can’t use the part in italics, to be as sharp as possible I advise to remove anything that’s redundant, so what else can you nod, shrug, squint, think with (some might have an answer to that I won’t go into!), see with?

With my three-day Devon retreat still a month away and plenty of work lined up in the meantime, sadly I can’t take the break yet I so feel I need right now but I might see if I can actually take a day off soon! I need one. Or there will be plenty of nodding off in front of the computer.

I think the retreat, changing to a new creative space sounds great. Sometimes we need to shift room, be somewhere else although as a fiction writer and editor I think I am somewhere else most of the time. I have this fantasy of going to the states and staying in a B & B in some gorgeous New England town and just reading lots of books and doing lots of writing, walking, relaxing. In my head I think I might be living in an episode of Dawson’s Creek, remember that show?Not that it was set in New England, although Boston in the fall sounds nice, or I think it was filmed in South Carolina . I loved that show, for all it’s super intelligent teenage psychobabble. Well whenever I start thinking about needing to escape, about waking up hearing the crashing of the ocean, that’s where I want to be and these thoughts tell me I need a break. Desperately.

That is all. I am rambling. I am a happy (albeit tired) writerly person who is rambling.

I will stop the rambling.





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