Needing Some ‘Me’ Time

I have been working my little socks off for weeks now and never let it be said that if you work for yourself you sit around and watch daytime TV and work less. Fortunately I do love what I do, but I can feel the tiredness each morning now.

I have been reading a lot of short stories since I finished the first draft of Chutney and have a couple partly formed in my head and am working on one of these. In a couple more weeks I will be back on the allotment, I miss my characters! If I don’t write something feels wrong. But we also need time to recharge our batteries. I do have a writer’s retreat in Devon at the end of August for three days when I hope to only write some of my own stuff but also see it as a time to relax and have some nice walks. Just what I think I need, although I could do with some of that now.

It’s important we don’t burn ourselves out and this is the danger when you spend, as I do, hours and hours working, I don’t get many evenings off to relax as I am finding I need to work later and later. But Tuesday I do a yoga class so I will be done on time today.

If you’re too tired you don’t work as well.

So please make sure you have some ‘you’ time.

That is all.

Me time



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2 responses to “Needing Some ‘Me’ Time

  1. Me-time is incredibly important Debz, which is why next week I am staying with my mum so she can have the children while I take some proper time to write my stories 😉 Your writers’ retreat sounds good, I must get one of those booked as well.

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