Thinking Differently

We tend to assume we all think in the same way; that as humans we are all connected; joined up thinking. Of course that is not true and the world’s disharmony shows us that every day. But I am thinking on a more everyday level.

I was talking yesterday to one of my lovely gym friends over lunch about the new story I’m working on. I was explaining the way stories come and how I was allowing it to filter in and was about ready to write it. In a loose sense when she asked what it’s about I talked about the theme. She looked at me and said, “You thought all of that up?How do you do that?”

It’s a simple and honest question, but it made me think about this strange world we as fiction writers inhabit. Because I know so many writers, in real and virtual senses, then this living in another reality and creating stories with meaning is part of everyday life. So when someone not inside that odd box of creativity says something like that it makes you realise actually, this isn’t the way most people think. Do they. And then I got to thinking what a blessing it is that this is my life, and I get to do this every day.

That is all. Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!




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