Play along at home…

To Kill A Mocking Bird is one of those novels; that has reached iconic status.

Atticus Finch has always been a favourite character.

Harper Lee the author we always quote as being ‘the one who only wrote one novel’.


I was really excited when I first heard about Go Set A Watchman and the story behind it that looks like a sequel but was actually the original manuscript from which the iconic novel was born. I have heard mixed things about the novel which saw its release this week. One of these being that Atticus Finch is not quite who they thought he was.

Sounds like real life to me!

I downloaded and started reading it last night and actually I am enjoying it so far, three chapters in, end of Part 1. I will wait and see.

So do you have an all-time favourite book?

In honour of the release of Go Set A Watchman I set a writing challenge for Canvey Writers that you are all welcome to play along with. I asked them to think about a favourite novel and to write the scene in the style and voice of the novel, from the chapter after the last one. So what happens next.

It does mean re-reading the ending of the famous novel and looking closely at how it’s written. All I asked for was the next scene, it does not have to be a whole story, but set up with lots of promise that would tease a reader in.

So why not play along?

I am writing the last chapter of Chutney (although I have to go back and edit the book again as it’s only a first draft), and then a short epilogue that should be the flake in the ice cream so it should be done before the end of next week. Yay!

Wonder if one day someone will use that book to write what happens next…? Dreaming again. Maybe.

But never hurts to dream BIG, does it now.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Go Set A Watchman


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