Bottling the Feeling

Many times in my life I have wished I could bottle the feeling I had right at that moment. The first time was at the tender age of ten on my first trip to LA, feeling as if I was living on a movie set for three weeks. There were palm trees and nice hotels and Disneyland… rich fruit for the picking and I never wanted to leave. In fact for weeks after I came home I could not bring myself to change the time on my watch back to UK time.

I used to be sad to leave any holiday and growing up we had some lovely ones, all in the UK apart from that special one that changed me forever.

Then at the age of thirteen and three days standing in a box at the Royal Albert Hall in a maroon mini dress watching Barry Manilow I remember thinking how could I bottle this moment and keep it forever?

I suppose since then there are have been many such moments for which I am extremely thankful.

Writing has always been a part of my life and I think for me it’s more about experiences than any kind of material wealth — which is probably just as well, although I think that will come as a byproduct of success. But for me it’s always truly been about being happy. Since I gave up the day job for the dream I am thankful every day. Every. Single. Day. Truly.

It says in The Secret, the book I return to over and over, that it’s about the feeling. It’s that feeling you get when you think about someone or something you love and you feel as if your whole body is buzzing. That’s the frequency for happiness. So if you can think that way about how you spend your days and literally ‘buzz at the right frequency’ you have so much to be thankful for. And you will always be successful to yourself. Stay focused and positive; it’s a wonderful way to live your life.

And all those times I said I want to bottle this feeling, that’s where it starts. Hold onto those moments, fill your life with so many you feel eternally thankful — and like me try to capture that happiness in your writing.

That is all. Have a wonderful Friday and a lovely weekend 🙂

Bottle This


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