Final Furlongs

I am now writing the closing chapters of the new novel and I am getting that sense of ending tingling the tips of my fingers. It’s not the same feeling as when I finished While No One Was Watching because that really did have more of a mystery to solve and I remember revisiting the ending and walking with Lydia on the grassy knoll when I worked with my editor on the very final draft. This of course is only a first draft, albeit a fairly polished one at that.

Chutney is a different kind of novel, much more character-driven and so the ending has a different feel. There are still threads that need to be tied and the large thread that needs to be solved but the reader will already know. That’s because our characters think something is going to happen and it drives their actions throughout, but since it’s set in the past, the reader will know the outcome, so the skill now is in how the characters react to that. That is now the unknown denominator, although if I have written my characters well enough they should know them well enough to know how they’ll react.

There’s something very rewarding about getting that first draft down, and I will mark the occasion in the next 2-3 weeks. But this of course is only the beginning…



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