I Do

It has been the perfect weekend.

My parents have a wonderful anniversary and night in a hotel complete with scattered rose petals and came home Saturday to a surprise party with all their friends standing outside their home waiting for them, glasses in hand.

The party was perfect, the gifts wonderful and the food plentiful.

And yesterday they stood in front of a congregation in the fab local church (we know well and where Canvey Writers meet) and friend, who’s the best vicar I’ve ever met, amazing man, David Tudor, and they renewed their vows. Tears, honesty and big sighs. Perfect.

We finished the celebration with a wonderful meal out.

So now I feel tired but happy and grateful for the life my parents have given me and honoured to have been part of something so wonderful. You know when something is special it changes you… a little bit and you know you have carved out a special memory.

As my parents stood and made their vows you think about the commitments you make in your own life. I have yet to stand in front of a room full of people and say I do and affirm my love publicly. Perhaps one day I will. I have stood in front of people many times and declared I will, or I did when it comes to writing. I might not have had the chance to tell someone I do, my lovely Lee was gone too soon (we lit a candle for him in the chapel and thought about those who were there fifty years ago and not here now) but I have made a promise to myself.

I made a decision to be happy, even when everything was sad, and to do what I love. And I do.

What about you?

Jan and Colin Wyatt, St Nicholas Church, Canvey Island, Sunday July 5th 2015 renewing their vows, 50 years on

Jan and Colin Wyatt, St Nicholas Church, Canvey Island, Sunday July 5th 2015 renewing their vows, 50 years on (with David Tudor)

I love the way this photos captures the emotion, how to write what you see here… 

I make an affirmation every day that  I will write with passion and belief, that I will never give up and I that I am so so grateful to be living my dream.

We all find our ways to say I do, but you have to say it out loud, not whisper a dream and say it inside: tell the world. Thank whatever you believe in by saying how thankful you are for being better than you ever imagined you could be. Imagine yourself holding that award and living that dream and make it real. Say I will. Say I do. Say I did it.

Raise your glasses to changing the world, even if only a little bit. Maybe you didn’t feel the earth shift or hear fanfares, you didn’t know this moment even happened yesterday, but the world did change. The world always changes when someone stands in a room and says I do, I did, I will.

Dare to dream, dare to be bold, make your dream and follow it.

Dancing to their own song, 'WIll You Still Love Me Tomorrow?' I think we all know the answer to that.

Dancing to their own song, ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?’ I think we all know the answer to that.


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