Something to Celebrate!


Golden Wedding


It might not be writing related as such, but the message is important. Very important. It is said that we are a composite of every experience we have ever had and every person we have ever met. And today I want to thank my wonderful parents for giving me and my brother the opportunities they didn’t have and for making us who we are! It’s been a wonderful life… so far.

On this blog 50 years has been a significant number, and in 2013 we saw While No One Was Watching published on the 50th anniversary of a world stopping event: the assassination of John F Kennedy. Today, and on a happier note than the death of a president, we have another 50 years on… this time a personal celebration; my parents’ Golden Wedding. I guess for us more life stopping than anything and the reason I am here doing what I love every day: nope, don’t get more important than that does it now?

So I plan to write this morning, pop to the gym and then we have a weekend of special surprises.

Dad is a Walt Disney artist and children’s illustrator and was art editor on the 2000 AD comic for many years. He co-created the Poddington Peas on the BBC in the 80s and 90s and has had a very successful and very happy career. It was a great honour to work with him on a project for Born Free with my publishing company The Jet-Set, books for children with all profits to help real wild animals:

Dad has always written, mostly children’s stories and I guess that’s where some of that creativity came from. I never realised, as I set out to be a scientist, that actually I was more like him than I thought, creatively and I am sure his life in books and publishing had to have an influence on my thinking. In an odd twist of synergy, he gave up working in London to be freelance at the age of 41, which is the same age I also became freelance to live the dream.

Mum, well Mum always says she is the one who makes the tea, and does everything else. Mum does so much I would be here all day trying to list all of that and I know I am who I am because of her, the best part of me is her. Also what she doesn’t say is if she hadn’t taught me to believe anything is possible, I would not be here living the life I am. And she is a published poet, not many people know that, one of her poems was selected for an anthology some years ago. So she is far more than what she says she is.

So on this special weekend I want to remind everyone to thank, celebrate and validate those in your lives while you still can. And not many people get to celebrate 50 years married. So let’s raise a glass.


Thanks Mum and Dad for making me who I am.

Jan and Colin Wyatt, July 3rd 1965

Jan and Colin Wyatt, July 3rd 1965


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  1. Faye Graham

    Lovely words about two very special people. Xxx

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