A Bridge Between Two Worlds

I am a writer: first and foremost that is what I am. But I remember when I first started to submit thinking how little I really knew about the world I was trying to dip my toe into. It almost felt like an invisible barrier I placed between what I wanted and what I was. Rejection, while serving as the fuel to drive those dreams harder, also made that barrier stronger, until I  found a way to break it down slowly and walk tentatively across.

Working for a small publisher and then actually editing for a larger one later taught me, that like anything, experience, tenacity and hard work are key to success. The more you write the better you become, so long as you get feedback and keep at it. I still have much to learn and often stand on the bridge between the worlds thinking about who I really am and what I really want to happen next. But now I realise anything is possible, with a lot of hope, determination and sometimes a sprinkle of fairy dust. Just don’t give up.

That world we seek isn’t really so far away and that bridge isn’t really so long. Just make sure you’re prepared for the journey. Find out about what lies the other side before you take that tentative step.

Yesterday I watched with excitement as they announced the short list for the Bath Short Story Award, now into its third year. I was proud to win the first one, the inaugural award and have not entered since as you can’t beat that, so now I am looking forward to seeing who wins this one.

And yesterday I also had the pleasure of finalising the selection of stories for the new Bridge House collection. Gill and I worked together sharing our favourite stories and thinking about how they’d work together in a collection called Snowflakes, literally and also metaphorically, stories with intricate layering. All the successful authors should now have been notified and the list of names will appear on the website too. I guess I also straddle both sides of that bridge as well, both submitting and being the writer as well as being the giver of good news as the publisher (albeit a small press) and also the editor. When you work in both worlds, the bridge seems shorter.

No mountain cannot be climbed.

No story cannot be written.

No dream cannot be realised.

Have a wonderful day.



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