The Buzz of the Story

This is the last day blogging for a whole four  days; count them four days! I might have to say that again: FOUR days! Tomorrow I am off to Norwich for the launch of Unthology 7! This really has been a few days all about short stories and my copy of Jon McGregor’s short story collection is ready for the trip! I have just about finished reading the amazing Unthology 7 and can’t wait to meet fellow Unthologists tomorrow.

If you’re in the area we will be at the Old Library in Norwich from 7.30 🙂

If you don’t read short stories I encourage you to get hold of a collection. Next week I’ll be sharing photos and talking about Unthology which is rapidly becoming a recognised platform for the more unusual and the more experimental expressionism. The book is eclectic and so not all stories will appeal to all readers, but they all have something special in their own way.

I can still feel the buzz of the London Short Story Festival and I am so glad to find this renewed passion. Every now and then we need to remember why we’re doing it.

I am also very close to finishing the first draft of Chutney, it’s knocking on 100,000 words now and I imagine the final draft will tip over 110 but I will get it back to 90 with the edit I am sure 🙂

Well, that’s me until next week when I will be talking all about it! Try stopping me!

Unthology 7 cover


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