Work Hard … Don’t Rush It!

I’ve been an incredibly busy time and I seem in  great demand, which can only be a good thing but it does find me having to turn down work from Cornerstones and even some private clients with impossible deadlines. Yikes. But I never do anything half-heartedly and a good critique and good editing takes time. I invest in what I do with everything I have.

Writing is a craft and it takes time to get right; a lot of valuable time. So I am always wary if someone wants editing and it has to be ready like yesterday as they plan to publish it themselves in 2 weeks’ time. Unless it’s because they were let down by an editor I question the sense of urgency, and inevitably such requests seem to be for long novels of like 150K, which is a novel and a half and will take some time. Don’t rush things. All that work so far, and then a rush to find an editor. No. Any good editor will be in demand and may  quote something like 4-6 weeks (or a lot more in some cases) for a lengthy project, because they will have other work lined up first, so bear that in mind. And also factor in time to work on the edits when they come back and it is also worth having another edit or follow-up if a fair bit of work has been done, and if the plan is to self-publish, to have someone proof-read before uploading. So my advice:  don’t rush the process.

I love my editing work, although I still see myself as a writer first, so I would rather turn down work if I have to, so the writing never suffers, and nor does the editing or critiquing, I never rush either of these.

Because I have my little break next week/weekend with the launch of Unthology 7, I am determined to have some time off, four whole days (yay!) but it has meant working into the evenings so I can get the next critique emailed next Wednesday and go away guilt-free. It’s about getting the balance right. But I never rush it. If not ready, I will hold on emailing that report.

But it’s how I roll. I have always been a hard worker.

It’s going to be a break I need with all these evenings and Sundays are also filled with work, this week after a full day at the London Short Story Festival! I also have to meet a client in London Tuesday night to talk about his novel.

It’s a full life, but know what? I love it.


Nothing comes without hard work.

Don’t give up.


Never rush it.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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One response to “Work Hard … Don’t Rush It!

  1. I agree with you! There’s no reason to pick the first editor you find, nor rush them through their work. My own editor does need to be booked in advance due to demand, but the wait is always worth it. Her comments when doing structural edits are always invaluable, and line edits just go without saying! Have an awesome day 🙂

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