Blowing Away The Cobwebs

One of the dangers with being a writer is spending too long staring at a computer screen in isolation. Writing itself might be something you do alone and I for one have learned, even when there is someone else about, to ‘zone the out’. I developed this skill sat in an open office, not always just when doing ‘real’ work but also when I sneakily wrote my novel! But for the most part I need it to just be me and my computer and perhaps the odd soulful glance or imploring ‘You really ought to stop that and feed me’ stare from two cats and a dog. But you do need time away from the keyboard.

Sometimes I know when I am really busy, as I have been recently, it’s all writing (the best part) and then the working part (which I also love) and these days which start at 6 am, end as late as 9 or 10 pm. I try not to do that but sometimes there is just so much to do and apart from a short lunch break I don’t take breaks. Terrible I know. We should all take decent breaks.

So after working all day Sunday until late and then the same Monday I had a headache and felt the need of air. Well I got it! My circuit class yesterday was on Canvey beach and it was so windy that ought to do it! Great fun as well I have to say!

And then I had my lovely writer friend and her friend Ana come over for lunch and then we also braved the winds again for a walk on Canvey seafront with the dog. Just what the doctor ordered. Nice people, stimulating conversation and a break away from the desk!

During that walk, I also heard from a close friend, TV psychic medium Tony Stockwell, who asked if I wanted to see his show last night in Southend and next thing two tickets were left on the door. I am working with Tony as well, a project I am very excited about and he advised me on my ‘psychic’ in While No One Was Watching. He has also offered to pass on a copy of this to the well-known US TV psychic James Van Praagh (creator of TV series Ghost Whisperer). A wonderful evening I have to say 🙂

So in the end I did have an extra break I wasn’t planning, but perhaps it was meant to be, the spirit was trying to tell me something.

Sometimes we need to have a break for our health… and now I look forward to writing.

Have a great day everyone!

Canvey walk 1

Canvey walk 2

Canvey walk 4

Photos of Canvey Sea Wall by the talented writer and great photographer © Paula Readman


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