What Beats At Its Heart

I know I have said it before.

I know I will say it again.

I know life sometimes throws horrible things at us.

But life really is a gift and we have to learn to stand back from it and look at ourselves; look at our journeys.

Every day in some form or other I unravel plots; I analyse stories. Sometimes I have to tease apart a complex plot to grasp hold of what the writer is really trying to say. I have to slough off the fluff so its meaning and power can be released.  I show them how you need to focus on the main characters and the central thread of the story and always always remember what beats at the heart of the story. Check you can feel that pulse throughout. When you lose sight of the real thread, when the other layers and subplots start to smother your main story and its question becomes buried, it’s time to unravel it and make sure that heart beat is loud and clear.

So can you stand back and look at yourself the same way? What role do you play in the story of your own life? Is there too much ‘fluff’ you’ve stopped listening to your own heart beat? Have you lost touch with what makes you truly happy?

In my work I ask writers to think about what they want their story to say, to be clear about theme and above all know what their character wants, what’s at stake if they don’t get it and keep that in mind and they set out to solve it. There lies the resolution.

Maybe that’s good advice for life too?

That is all! Have a great weekend everyone! I am shopping tomorrow for something to wear for the launch of Unthology 7! Oh the writer’s life for me. (And some new gym gear! Everything is too big, she says smiling.)


Life is a gift. Remember that.

Writing is my life


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