Be At One

It’s a very simple message this morning as I prepare to write and have a meeting with one of my lovely clients in London this afternoon: do what makes you happy.

If you’re in a job that makes you unhappy (as I was in the dim and distant past) change it. I know that might sound flippant and some might claim it’s easy for me to say, but this is it: one life (that you know of) so make it count. It’s never too late to re-train. There are a million ways to be happy. Maybe you haven’t found yours yet… but if you are thinking about taking a chance: trust me, trust yourself: take it.

I remember feeling trapped in the same place. I had a good job, I could have been doing something an awful lot worse, so in many ways I was blessed; but the call of the writing took over from everything else. And in the end I had to take a leap of faith into uncertain times — but you can only regret the things you never did. So I did it. And some six years on I have never been happier.

That is all. Have a wonderful Tuesday y’all 🙂



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