Bottling the Friday Feeling

If I could I would she said.

Would what? he said.

I would

Bottle all the happy thoughts and keep them close at hand

And when the day is going bad, when I am sad, or mad — a tad

I’d have a way to change.

I’d get that little bottle with all the happy thoughts and

All the cheery clappy sounds like whoops and squeals and squawks

And breathe them in and breathe them out; think only happy words

And then I’d hold my arms out, right out straight, like I’m a little bird

I’d close my eyes and fly up high, so I could see it all

All the wars and all the pain and all the ones who fall

Then I’d take my little bottle and sprinkle back like rain

All the happy thoughts and dreams so everyone can say

Only happy cheery words; think only happy things

If I could I would she said

Then everyone would sing.


So this is what happens when you sit down at your computer on a Friday morning and the next thing you know you’re thinking in rhyme. And that is why I am not a poet!

Happy weekend everyone! Sprinkle some joy…




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