Be Grateful

The message is short and sweet and simple this morning as we all begin a brand new shiny week.

Count your blessings. Be grateful. Look forward.

There has been so much negativity on the news and in social media. Every time I look at Facebook it’s full of the doom and gloom of disgruntled people about politics. We might not have all got what we wanted and I know there are worries and it is important, but I don’t remember such hostility before. Nor do I remember people being so assertive about who we should have voted for. I remember my lovely Lee saying that who he voted for was private and he never told me. And so is the decision not to vote.

I was reading last night that if for one day everyone could think only happy thoughts something amazing would happen. Okay, we all know that life delivers hard blows and thinking happy thoughts is not always easy. But for most of the time for most of the people, certainly those of us fortunate enough to live in relative wealth and a developed country, we have a lot to smile about.

So be grateful and attract good things.

That is all!

Happy Monday 🙂

Moan not


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