And the rain goes pitter patter…

So I sit and I think up lots of things to write and then I am still.

And the rain goes pitter patter.

Lots of things in my head this morning as I approach another new week. No post yesterday as it was bank holiday here and while I did work it was a bit different.

And the rain goes pitter patter.

I was thinking about Lee, and John who we sent off last week, and if anyone saw The C Word this weekend, about that lovely brave blogger Lisa Lynch who wrote about her journey through cancer. One she didn’t win. I might have to get her book.

And the rain goes pitter patter.

I was thinking about what happens to all the dreams when someone dies and if they fall into someone else’s head.

And about babies born this weekend, royal ones and not so royal ones and lives yet to be lived. And lives that were lost this weekend.

And the rain goes pitter patter.

And I was thinking about all the things people never get to do and all the things we do get to do. And the all the words people never say. And why we should say them while we can.

And the rain goes pitter patter.

I was thinking about all the secrets that never get shared and money that never gets spent and all the passwords we never write down, and what happens when we’re not here. Do Twitter accounts fly away if they never get used and do Amazon accounts just die somewhere or do they still keep sending emails to an account that is never used?

Funny the things you think about on a rainy Tuesday morning when the rain goes pitter patter.

Rain and beauty



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2 responses to “And the rain goes pitter patter…

  1. This is a very beautiful message, Debz. Oddly enough, it made me think about my father-in-law. He is currently in a state of limbo, living in a specialist rehabilitation unit with an acquired brain injury following a serious cycling accident 14 months ago. We are told that he will recover, but we don’t know how long it will take, or how much of him will come back to us. His accounts had to be suspended, but we didn’t want to cancel them immediately since he was only in hospital. He was still here, and he is, but not in the practical sense. His car sits on the drive at home, unused. His mobile phone and computer are in the house. His bikes are gathering dust in the garage. And my husband has taken charge of his busy email account. All waiting for when he is able to resume normal life…

    • Thanks for your comment Catherine and for sharing this. That really does leave a sense of someone gone but not gone and a door open for them to come back. I really hope he finds his way back to you soon. Thank you so much for sharing. Makes you think.Debz x

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