Of course writing’s a real job!

I think if you are not a writer, and people talk to you about what you do, how you spend your days, they probably think it all sounds rather strange. Is it a real job? they ask.

Of course it’s a real job!

When anything is creative, or if it could be a hobby and for many is a hobby, then there is a line you cross at some point that makes it into something else. For me I still had the day job when I started to write with serious commitment and passion and tell people I am a writer: I write, therefore I am. This change in mindset, as I have talked of here before, made all the difference. Writing was no longer something I did for amusement only, it was something I could not NOT do. It probably has always been that way but other things came along. I had to earn a living for one thing.

When I show up for work and I indulge my passion and write every day it is my job. It’s just that the writing part pays very little if anything to start with. So the switch to the paid work, as I do every afternoon with my editing and critiquing, still very much about writing, makes that part into the ‘business’. But for me the real work is the writing. I am a writer who has to do other things too. But they are all part of the same process and ones ties into the other.

Perhaps there are people who think it is an ‘arty farty’ job and that I spend my time doing other things, sneaking in to watch TV. But since I gave up my day job I have never worked as hard or been as happy. I get up and I write and you will find me on my computer for hours and hours at a time. I work weekends, bank holidays, evenings. I work. But this idea of it once being a hobby (which is a very different mindset) is wrong.

The only way to really succeed is to put in the hard work. And I do.

I could never go back now I do what I love every day and the work just keeps on rolling in.

If you want it; make it happen.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Writing as a job


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