The Road Ahead

The writer’s journey is not always paved with marble stone and clear signposts. Nor is the road straight and the ride  easy.

We might well start off with a clear destination in mind, imagine a Sat Nav where you punch in your final destination. What will yours be? Perhaps you start with a simple goal: finish this story. Perhaps you start with a very clear ambition: win the Man Booker. The course is set. Now you set off.

But what happens in the in-between can change that goal post. Some of you will find the path tortuous and tough going. Road works and diversions. Some of you will turn back.

Some of you will keep going despite those diversions, picking up passengers along the way and embracing new directions. You might allow others to change the goal, recalculate the destination, or you might allow the Sat Nav to do that. Are you a passive bystander in your own destiny or do you take an active role?

Either way you still need to see that flag.

Expect change.

Expect unexpected road closures and dead ends.

Expect the nice surprises; new roads and faster times.

But always be prepared.

And when you reach your goal, you have probably already programmed a new destination because if you don’t dream big you will only ever reach the end of the street.

Where will your road take you?

Embrace it.

Keep the destination in mind at all times; but enjoy the ride.

Have a great Thursday!

Sat Nav


Aim for the Rainbow…




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