When We Say Goodbye

A short post this morning as the novel calls; but also to say this: hold on to those you love.

Three weeks ago I watched the paramedics works on my lovely neighbour for an hour. He had been very ill but I still saw his wife of over 50 years holding him until he wasn’t there anymore.

We are here and then we are gone.

I have used grief in many guises in my own writing; drawing from personal experience. Loss is a powerful motivator of action in stories. When we have felt it, we know that nothing can be the same.

We send John off today (it’s been a long wait) and I will be giving a reading of a poem I found called ‘Afterglow’ at the service.

So while you have time, stop and think and stand still for a while to remember those you have lost.

And spare a thought for those in Nepal.

No one leaves if you keep them in your heart.

Roll silent credits.





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One response to “When We Say Goodbye

  1. Surprisingly topical in my life at the moment. Good post.

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