Lost in Fictional Landscapes

We live in a world filled with far too many horrors. We see it every day; war, death, cruelty… and so we find ways to find our little piece of happiness; sometimes amongst the shrapnel. And that angst becomes the food for the writers. But sometimes fiction is not so far away from truth.

When asked what I do for a living I am tempted to answer that I spend it exploring fictional landscapes; which sums up both aspects of my job: my own writing and helping other writers. And what an honour that is.

I have been working and reworking the same mid-section chapters in the new novel for the past two/three weeks before the rest can fall into place. I had the same kind of thing in While No One Was Watching; some important chapters that took a lot of my time and yet someone has since said it felt effortless; as if it all flowed as it should. Compliment indeed. And it’s not just love we pour into our work, but emotion and the chapters I’ve almost got as I want them now took a lot of digging deep — you expend a lot emotionally.

So not only do I spend my day exploring and sometimes repairing or enhancing fictional landscapes, I also have to make it feel as if it’s just the right word in the right place and smooth as silk; so no one will know just how much went into it. Like the perfect house, we focus on the final finish; but never forget how much went into it.  The journey is the part we learn from. And I also look closely at my own work within my own landscape because understanding and analysing process helps me do that for my clients too.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Lose yourself in a fictional landscape and think about what the writer did to create that.

Rainbow 2


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