Stories from Nothing

To continue this idea that ideas are all around us if we take the time to look, I have been finding lately all sorts of things fluttering around me. I don’t mean butterflies, or maybe I do.

While I am currently getting lost in some important new plot developments  in Chutney other ideas for new stories have fluttered past. I tend to only catch hold of the odd one; the one I know needs to be held and shaped and later given life.

Someone was telling me yesterday about her grandson; how unhappy he was in his job and how she always sensed he would make a good teacher. He always said no. However, he stumbled into it almost by accident when his job unexpectedly ended and he was given the chance to just spend some time in a school. He has not looked back; retrained and how does what he loves every day.

Happiness comes from being in the right place and doing the right thing; knowing your calling. If you feel you’re doing the wrong thing, you will never be happy.

Every day I smile and count my blessings.

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend folks.

Hold out your hand and catch a dream

Hold out your hand and catch a dream


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