That Feeling

It’s not something that’s easy to define, but the pleasure of reading is something that has been with me all my life.

It’s the escapism, the immersion, the way time falls away. And what’s wonderful about that is there will never be enough books to fill this lifetime and the next, so it’s a pleasure we can indulge in — forever. All we need is for our minds to work and even if we can’t see we can still enjoy the power of a good book.

I was thinking back to those long summers as a child when I’d read one book after the other. I remember one about a boy and a dolphin. I have no idea who wrote it or what it’s called; it was one of many I borrowed from the local library. But I was captivated by it. I was captivated by many books and there was planted the seed that one day I would be a writer.

One of the things about this whole show don’t tell thing is how you can make your writing as visual as possible. Whenever I read things that are vague, he went to the room and stood by the bed, things like that, I try to explain to clients how flat that line feels. It has no energy. There are many ways I might create that in my mind. Film the scene so I can see it. It’s that kind of writing (without being overwordy) that takes you into the scene and makes you a part of it.

So my aim, in my own writing and the thing I seek in books is to find that immersion. I truly believe that the more visual you can make it, the more you can do that; so that one day someone will say one of my books did that. Perhaps it’s one years from now that someone will cite on a blog or whatever we have then as something that impacted on them.

Try to bottle that feeling.

Have a wonderful weekend.



Give in to the magic.




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2 responses to “That Feeling

  1. I can identify with you so much! I Write to touch people with my words. Like I have been touched

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