The Things We Google

I remember when there was no such verb ‘to Google’; if it is indeed recognised as an official verb! But it is part of everyday vocabulary these days.

Yesterday was a day for research as some areas of the novel, now past half-way, needed more information; but there are some things you won’t find on Google, well not defined exactly. That said Google did take me to websites and organisations I could ask! So was delighted to find a response from someone today. One of the areas I need information on is medical, the other aspect is related to the fate of Russian jews in the Holocaust in relation to soviet ghettos; ending up in Belsen and how they came and where they arrived (port) in England. I need to know how they were helped or not helped to settle in. It has been harder to pin down than I thought, although I bought and read a few books! Often I find people don’t reply to requests for information so I might have to pop along to the Holocaust Museum in London. I was telling my mum this and suggested we might go soon, make a day of it. She did mention it might be a bit of a sad day. I guess that’s true, but as writers we have an obligation to show truth as well. In fact all my research yesterday was related to hard and difficult subject matters. A friend who wrote an entire series of YA novels dedicated to the holocaust said she had to find ways to lift the mood when you spend so much time in dark places.

While fiction is just that: made up stuff, I still think we must portray reality in a credible way. While we are the creator and the one who decides who does what when (oh the power), stretching credibility too thin is like pulling a bandage to snapping point. And when you are tackling big subjects, you need to get it right.

I have talked about the portrayal of the Holocaust in the arts before, because while it is such a horrific thing, we mustn’t let people forget. Oddly the two big subjects tackled in the novel are not the main story but even then they carry a lot of weight and done well can generate discussion. We should never shy away from tackling the big themes.

Right, more Googling to do and then some writing!

Have a great Thursday everyone. Wonder what the new verbs of the future will be?



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