Getting into Shape Revisited

I have talked about this before, but recently I’ve found myself having to really get up close and personal to the shape of stories and have needed to refer to the story arc a few times to unravel some weaknesses with plots.

How much do you understand about story arc?

As I always say and will repeat here, the arc is fundamental to what makes something work as a story; otherwise what you have is an anecdote with no punch line. It’s not enough to say well it needs a beginning, a middle and an end; it has to have shape. It has to have a character who wants something/needs to resolve something and the tension needs to slowly rise towards a defined climax and resolution. The protagonist needs to take an active role in that resolution.

So next time you read, and especially when writing, play close attention to the shape.

Story arc 2


Are your stories in shape? Or do they need a few sessions in the literary gym?

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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