The Power of a Break

I know I do not take enough breaks so it was lovely having most of Easter off. I did have to work to do the final tweaks on a large report for Cornerstones yesterday but apart from that I  did have some down time; from writing, working and even the gym (although I missed the exercise but it was closed so what can you do?!) but even those muscles needed some time to rest.

What I did manage was plenty of reading, finishing the novel for book club Long Way Home by Eva Dolan (a rather dark subject but I did enjoy it) and I also finally managed to read Room by Emma Donoghue. Anyone read these?

Room is interesting because of the child’s voice which is not so easy to get into initially. But don’t give up because once you realise what has happened to these characters it’s really compelling.

I want to say I am ready and full of energy to write but we saw friends last night and it was a later night than usual as I had to stay up and play with the dog when I got in after leaving her all afternoon/evening. So my body wasn’t quite willing to let go of the little break this morning. But here I am, and excited to be back working on the novel even if I am tired today.

Hope everyone enjoyed a nice easter and remember, take breaks sometimes, you owe it to yourself.


Take a bReak



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