Writers Retreating

I was only thinking how I don’t find time for enough holidays. I have plans percolating for a trip to see my LA friends later this year. But then in plops an email to my inbox about the chance to have a retreat in Devon with some writer friends. It’s only a three-day break but in idyllic surroundings. I can still go to LA after that; so why not?

For me I write anywhere and every day, but many have such busy lives with children and commitments that finding the time to write can be difficult. It’s like anything I guess; I say it about my daily gym sessions — if it’s important you find a way; if not you find an excuse. So if you struggle, consider getting up earlier; find the time if it’s important. Truly when I write is really is the only time when I don’t feel like I should be doing something else!

But if you do seek that quiet escape then consider a retreat. Mine is now booked for August and I can’t wait already!


I have been to two Arvon holidays over the years in beautiful spots meeting lots of lovely writers. Those are different because they are more costly and last a week; and you benefit from some one to one and to small group teaching. When I was learning my craft (that’s if you ever stop, perhaps I should say when I was first learning it) Arvon was just what I needed and at some point I would go again. I would like to teach one actually! But this retreat we have planned is own time in beautiful surroundings with good food and good company. The plan for me is not to do any paid work that week, but just to write. BLISS.

This is where I’ll be heading…  http://www.retreatsforyou.co.uk/a-writers-retreat/


It’s important to make the time for what’s important.

Writer Retreat


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