While journey can have many connotations, and since I was on a train recently returning from North Wales, then journey is apt, here I refer specifically to your writer’s journey.

If you’re new to writing or much further along the path, I still think you can gain a lot from listening to other writers; especially writers who are where you want to be.

As part of the Essex Book Festival I’m off to see writer, Simon Toyne, at Canvey Library this evening. He is a new writer to me but his books look appealing and come highly recommended; so I have ordered the first in his trilogy Sanctus. Tonight he talks about his latest Solomon Creed. But what I am particularly interested in, in his journey. How he got to be successful, published by Harper  Collins, found his agent etc. And how he writes!

Look him up here:

I will report back about it tomorrow. But do look in your local area for festival news and if you can, pop along and listen. You will be grateful for the support when one day that’s you up there.

Well, on another note I am back after a lovely week of catching up with many writers in North Wales. I also attended a very interesting meeting of the Bangor Cellar Writing Group and have to say, the talk James Phillips gave on public speaking and in particular reading your work was so so useful. Made me wonder, after all this time, why no one had given us, as writers, such a talk before. I will be blogging all about that as well.

But here I am back where I belong, ready to get writing and see what my characters have been up to at the allotment in my absence… so harmony in the universe has now been restored!

Happy Writing All!

Happy WriterPicture borrowed from: LINK

Be a happy writer! It’s Monday!


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