How It Must Feel

Just want to thank everyone who follows my morning’s daily writing posts. I’ve been doing this for a while, and I tend to write whatever feels pertinent or current or relevant. Yesterday I looked along the name of the writers who had made the long list of the Baileys Women’s Prize for  Fiction and dared to dream. How does that feel to be on there?

Writing is a long and often difficult journey although I have loved it and do love it every day. However, work needs drafting and redrafting to be anywhere good enough and when you finally hold your novel in your hand it represents everything you have ever been through. It’s the result of years often of hard work to reach that point. This is why I cringe when reviewers sometimes make sweeping statements that feel like they’re knocking your dreams off the kitchen counter in one sweep of their hand. Not that these represent anything, as I have said before. But it is a long journey and so all successes warrant celebration.

And imagine making one of these lists.

When I started out I wrote for love; for the passion and that has never changed.

But I added to that the dream of finding a publisher and an agent, both of which finally happened.

And now, now I dream of movie deals and a novel with a BIG publisher that who knows, may be entered into one of these prizes.

Think and dream BIG. It’s the only way.

And on that note, writing to do. I will be travelling to Liverpool tomorrow and then spending a week in my spiritual home of Wales catching up with friends and having a much-needed rest. Work has gone crazy, but I hope to try to put it to one side although I fear I may have to do some.

So my little blog is also having a holiday and I will return on March 23rd.

I am looking forward to the Bangor Cellar Writing Group next week, the writing group that started all of this and on which my new one is based.


Stephen King


See you on the other side folks!



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2 responses to “How It Must Feel

  1. I also enjoy the hoping and dreaming (especially when out driving alone – I often accept my Booker prize in the car!) and like you, work on the basis that many of those dreams have already come true. I try not to have any concrete expectations, in case of disappointment, but I certainly have unwavering hope and would not be able to write without it.
    Thank you for all your inspiring posts – wishing you a lovely, restful break.

    • Thank you and keep dreaming! It’s the only way 🙂 Yes looking forward to a nice break. Have a great weekend and thanks for your lovely comment. Debz

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