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We had the third successful meeting of the newly formed Canvey Writers last night and I was delighted once again to see about 20 people there. I also did a little teaching with the Story Arc, beneficial to new writers, but always useful for the more experienced to remind themselves of the principles.

Here’s a book challenge I set for this month for those who might want to read along at home. This month’s book (and one I have not read yet) is Room by Emma Donoghue. I am interested in how she handles the child narrator in an adult book.

And the writing prompt for this month is to write 500 words using a colour to create story and mood but not revealing until right at the end or not at all what the colour is. Will be interesting to see how this is handled. Last month’s prompt Yesterday I dialled 999 for the first time created some really different and original pieces.

So feel free to join in…



Have a great Tuesday!Colour



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