Where Writers Meet: Creative Spaces

Is there a creative space you love to crawl into?

A place you can be at one with your writing? Alone or as part of a writing group?

For me, that space is almost anywhere and when I had the regular day job I learned to shut everything else away just to sit and write in what was really a ‘technical space’. On all my breaks I was on my laptop writing, shutting out all the other sounds. This bodes well for if I am on train or there are noises elsewhere in the house.

But my favourite creative space is just me and my computer in my office, a cat or two purring close by, the dog in her bed.

It is important getting that space right.

We have the third meeting of Canvey Writers tonight and we have a room upstairs in a lovely church. There are a lot of us and so we do fill the space, but we have everyone positioned around a large table which I think works best for a group, so we all feel included. The church also works as it’s a modern large space with lots of rooms and an area downstairs for a break, tables, a small kitchen so we can come away for social time, which I also think is important.

For me, a creative space is one I can crawl into and do the one thing I love the most.

Creative Space

What about you?


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