Thinking Outside The Triangle

Never be afraid.

As you learn to write and develop your skills, never be afraid to think differently.

Never be afraid to tread where others fear. The premise of the psychological thriller is taking our inner fears and building a plot around that; you’re in a shopping mall, your child was there one second, you rummage in your bag, look up, he’s gone. Buy into the fear by adding the second element: when they check CCTV footage there is no sign of the child. They try to convince you, you never arrived with a child. But you know you did.

Adding the second element is where you crank up your plot.

If you tend to use the same voice, write the same kind of story, write the same kind of character: write something this weekend that challenges all those old conventions.

Take inspiration from wherever it falls. The news is a great place to start. Imagine you are one of those people who is accepted to go to live on Mars, but you can never come home.  How do you say goodbye? How do you leave people behind? Even if you have no family and that’s why you choose to go, how do you kiss your dog and know it’s the last time. What do you leave behind for others to show you were here?

Get writing!

Happy weekend everyone.

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