Continual Daily Action

…makes sure writing is a habit. And the way to learn.
It’s not giving into a muse or undertaken on a whim.
It’s not a way to pass a few hours.
Nor is writing a hobby or a choice.
It’s a lifestyle.
At least that’s how it is for me.

I know many writers of all levels and often meet new writers. I wish there was an easy way to say how hard it is to get recognition for your work. But that is the process and the only way to really learn is by writing every day or at least very regularly. By reading, learning, making it a habit and getting feedback from a good source you will develop your skills.

When I knew how much I wanted this, I got feedback from wherever I could in terms of writing courses, books, writing group etc. I learned from failure. I was motivated by success and am excited by what is possible. I still have much to learn.

I learned that the only way to learn is by shedding the protective bubble and not being precious about my work.

The novel critique group we formed (four of us in all) was so valuable. Over the years, the value of this group was demonstrated in the number of successes we clocked up: publishing success, competition wins and three out of four of us acquiring agents! One has now gone it alone, I am working on the new (fifth novel) with my agent and our talented children’s writer has just been signed! Woo hoo! The fourth writer is published and I’m sure it won’t be long before her novel finds a home.

If you get the right honest and detailed feedback it’s incredible what can be achieved.

True you must make yourself vulnerable by laying your words bare for dissection, but it’s the only way to really learn.

Happy Monday.

There is so much to look forward to.
Don’t wait for a miracle. Make it happen.



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