Think Mathematically

Yesterday I said how proud I was to be included in another Unthology.

My story The Theory of Circles, an experimental piece, was  published in Unthology 3 in 2012 and nominated for the US Pushcart prize. I was thrilled. And it’s how I met the lovely people over at Unthank Books.

The story goes backwards, the way you’d scroll through a social media site and uses blogs posts, tweets and Facebook updates with connecting narrative about the goings-on in a crescent, no one knowing who the narrator is. There are references throughout to maths, on the theme of circles which connected to the narrator, the way life can be circular; and it’s set on a crescent.

I love stories that are different and this was something I wrote because I wanted to push some boundaries in the short story form. I encourage you to do the same.

I was thinking about this as I wrote the latest chapter in the new novel, title What Does X=? which relates to the maths lessons George gives Emma as well as the black crosses that mark out time on the calendar. I looked at some algebra definitions and used them in the story as oddly they make literary sense as well. I love to do this kind of thing and some interesting ideas came to me for future projects as I wrote this.

Dare to be different.

Have a great weekend.


Think outside the norm

Buy Unthology 3 here: LINK


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