Harper Lee

Yesterday news broke that after sixty years there will be sequel to To Kill A Mocking Bird by the one novel author, Harper Lee! Wow. It turns out Go Set A Watchman was the first of Harper Lee’s novels and actually the one from which her Pulitzer-prize winning novel was based. On the advice of her editor, she developed the flashback sequences in this original novel into a novel in its own right with the young Scout Finch. The discovery of the novel must have been incredible after it was considered lost for many years, and it will be like a sequel as it meets a grown-up Scout returning to where she grew up with the ghosts of her past and we get to meet Atticus again. I love him.

It will be interesting to see if she was asked to do a whole lot of editing on this since at the time it wasn’t deemed right by the editor and clearly the editor’s advice was great given the success of this novel; a total classic.

Read more here: LINK

So all this got me wondering… if you could revisit characters in any novel (especially something classic and after so many years) what would it be, and why?

If you want to take the challenge further, consider examining the style of that author and write your own scene meeting the character after the book ends and try to use the same style. This kind of exercise is interesting to see how other writers work and see what you can do by stretching yourself.

Looking forward to some interesting answers this morning.

I would say if there was any book I’d like to see what happened next, To Kill A Mocking Bird is right up there. But will it live up to its expectations?

With the publisher set to do an initial print-run of 2 million, I know who will be smiling now.

Keep dreaming dreamers!

The book is out July 14th and I know I plan to pre-order it!


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