The Principles of Self-motivation

Hope you all had a great weekend.

On Saturday I attended  a ‘fat burning workshop’ at my fabulous gym, Fitness 4 Life on Canvey Island. Family-run, supportive, egos left outside; my kind of gym.

What does this have to do with writing? You may well ask. But actually it does in more ways than one. It’s about equipping ourselves for everything we hold dear in life. And a healthy body means a healthy mind.

The buzz word is control. 

I had a head start because have always been a positive thinker, and believed in the impossible when those around me looked on and thought I was just weird BUT and I have proved that with work and dedication, dreams come true. After Lee died I lost some of that belief for a while. But I always knew I’d find it again. I always knew I had it in me and I would find a way to take back control.

Then I read, amongst other things, The Secret. Once I applied that to my life I never looked back. Truly. And I never will — whatever life brings.

I had an unhealthy body image for a long time, bordering on anorexic when I was younger and then beating myself up and obsessing when I gained any weight. Thankfully I did work through that and the past ten years or so, have not worried so much but my sedentary lifestyle meant I didn’t look or feel as fit as I needed to be, and hence my decision to make a gym part of my new life… forever.

Recently I worked with a lovely client on a book on health and fitness and some wonderfully empowering chapters on change and applying the universal laws to refocusing mindset. In this case for a new healthier trimmer you. And we covered the same kinds of things in Saturday’s workshop. A little synergy working there perhaps? But all of this comes to remind me that while I am in the right place and doing it now, it is a life choice and I will have to remember that when things are not as easy.

We are our own worst enemies. Humans love to press the self-destruct button which is why we so often only part realise dreams. You lose the weight, get fit and slip back into old habits. Before you know it you’re back to the state you were. That does not make you feel good. You start writing a novel, maybe several but you don’t finish. Or you do but you give up when you realise you have a long way to go; we view rejection as a barrier, but here’s that thing about changing mindset: it’s not a barrier, it’s a step closer to success. It is the fuel to keep going. And the small successes along the way are like the weight or inch loss you see at the gym. Use them to MOTIVATE action.

So it has to be a life choice. Writing and health.

There will be times life throws challenges and deter from the goal. But make them short-term. Choose to make sure of that. Get stressed but don’t go home and crawl inside a packet of crisps, work it out on the treadmill or the punch bag at the gym. Get a story rejected, do the same! And then get writing something new.

Why do I know this mindset stuff works? I have used it my whole life.

Seven or eight years ago I chose to say I write, therefore I am a writer. I chose to write every day and do whatever it takes. I am still on that journey. I can count the successes; the rejections are the blessings that got me here.

The gym has changed the way I think about my body and food and I have never felt better.

Saying you’ll do it, putting it off, making excuses you’re too busy cheats only you.

Be the kind of person who does.
Be the kind of person who makes the choice to change — forever.
Be the kind of person who keeps going no matter what.
Be the kind of person who re-evaluates along the way when needed. Tweak your life as you tweak your words.
Be the kind of person who is dedicated for life.

Be a winner.


                                            Have a great Monday!


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