Creative Spaces

I can write almost anywhere but for the true absorption in the moment it is wonderful to find the right space.

That is why I found what I hope is the right place for my new writing group; a church is a good example of a creative space.

That is why you will find me sat here, listening to the rain, in my office ready for my day.

That is why.

And it is in the silence where I truly find myself.

Now that's an island space to write...

Now that’s an island space to write…



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One response to “Creative Spaces

  1. I love your picture. What a place to lost oneself. Like you, my writing means a lot to me, that every moment of everyday I think of nothing else. Apart from when Russell returns home as he is the one who has allowed me to lose myself in my writing. For me my special creative writing space start within my mind.

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