Canvey Writers is born

I will keep the post simple this morning; after a really busy day yesterday that involved a magazine video shoot (how glam) we had the first meeting of Canvey Writers. I was delighted and thrilled to have 17 at the first one! 17! Woo hoo!

It all went really well I think and I really hope people come again, but the reaction certainly seemed to be that they would!

I sent them away with a writing prompt for next time and a book suggestion, book club style as I thought it would be a good way to encourage more writers to read as well and the book can be discussed in the break next time or at the Saturday chit-chat I have planned in a local cafe.

I now feel as if I have made some new friends and more importantly writerly friends which is a major part of making my new life here. Excited. I was up until late thinking about it all and after a really long day decided to get up at 7 this morning and blog then… so here I am. I will post some photos later this week and I have a local paper interviewing me about the meeting this morning 🙂 One of things I did ask everyone to do was write their writing wish and seal it in an envelope, and hand it back to me. We will open them this time next year. Words are powerful and writing it down is a way to start believing and making it happen.

This is something I bought on Saturday that now sits in front of me  in my office.

Very apt, right?


You can do anything if you believe...

You can do anything if you believe…



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2 responses to “Canvey Writers is born

  1. Wow, I’m so glad all went well, Debz. I look forward to seeing the photos and following the group’s progress.

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