When We Reflect

It’s been a few months of change for me and as I turn another year older today it gives me time to pause for thought. I am back in the home where all my dreams started; a journey that has seen me live in Liverpool and then my lovely Wales and now finally back where it started; although I still plan on getting that second home in LA when the movie version of While No One Was Watching is released!

But I thought I would simply make this a day to reflect. I will be writing, and then popping to  the gym and then will greet my birthday before doing some editing work. Then my brother will be here and I can chill. Meal out with the family later and then a meal and film with my best mate at the weekend.

I think sometimes in our busy lives (and with my earlier starts and week of late evenings) this has been a particularly busy week, I think we all need now and then to stop, look around and appreciate what we have.

So I will leave you with the message this morning as I prepare for a nice Friday. Yes another year older, but also another year wiser and another year closer to realising all my dreams.


Have a lovely weekend everyone.




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One response to “When We Reflect

  1. Happy Birthday lovely! Have a great day xx

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