Being in a Writing Group

The message is short and sweet.

Later on I will be on the Tony Fisher Show on BBC Radio Essex just after 3 talking about the new writing group I am starting up on Canvey Island and I have had a few enquiries already!!! I think we will at least have a respectable 7 or 8 but with posters now distributed and press releases out and the radio interview imminent I hope to have more!

So excited there are people interested!

Being in a group like this it’s important to establish the ground rules early on, leave your ego at the door; this is a  community whose mission statement is to ‘Nurture and support local writers of all levels and who write for all reasons to achieve their own success; be that publication, winning competitions or simply for the love of writing.’

Because the Bangor group was so successful and the format seemed to work then I will use this to start us off and then hope, as it is about being a community, that it will morph and develop as we go. By writers for writers: a democracy.

I do know that some groups make people submit work and they can only join on approval; they limit numbers, they want people to write certain things and they can be a little snobby  — now selection might work for critique groups when a group benefits most from the bringing together of similar standards, perhaps one or two with more experience to guide it in the right direction but that choice is for progress but certainly you need to support all levels as far as I’m concerned. We are a community! We are inclusive; hence why I wanted it to be in the evening for those unable to attend the day time on  Canvey. Together we should have it covered!

So below is the link to BBC Radio Essex where I will be discussing the group from 3 onwards and also a poster if you do know anyone locally! If you do, please share!

Have a great day all!

BBC Radio Essex

Canvey Writers


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One response to “Being in a Writing Group

  1. Glad to know all is going well with your new group, Debz. Hope lots of new writers turn up excited at becoming published and eager to learn too.

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