Why we don’t need New Year for resolutions…

Happy 2015!

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I love a new year for its blank calendars and new diaries. I love the sense of clean sheets and new beginnings. I always have goals I write down and say out loud. I believe in the power of thinking it to make it happen. But I also know nothing is achieved without hard work.

But I don’t think you need a new year to make your resolutions. If you want it, make it happen.

The problem with resolutions is most are broken; even if we start out with the best intentions, even if we really honestly truly do mean it at the time. So better to make a life resolution with yourself. You will be a doer. You will be true to your word; if you say you are going to do something, you will. Period.

This has been my philosophy for most of my life, perhaps all of my life. Sure life comes along and puts obstacles and barriers in the way, no one can wave a magic wand and it just happens; in fact almost every dream I have seen realised has not happened exactly as I imagined; but it was realised. Life can throw many curve balls in your path but don’t be one of the many who makes promises you don’t keep and resolutions you really honestly truly mean but quickly forget.

If you have a dream, live it. Do it now! New year can be the start of a new way of thinking if you wish, but you don’t need new year to make resolutions. Got it!

Amongst my dreams for the past few years it has been to be the very best writer I can be. It was to find a publisher for my first novel and an agent who believed in me. Tick… and some. Now I hope to find someone willing to buy the film rights for that novel, a big publisher for the next novel and beyond… today marks the day I start working on my new British novel; the one that will win a big award (dream BIG, right?) but for all the dreaming big nothing is achieved without working HARD. So from  now earlier starts (blog the night before I publish it so I can be writing 6am to 8am before the gym) and head down, working on the new one; my new obsession.

I think we can all control our own thinking and become those who do it and don’t just think it.

Making a plan short term and you might or might not achieve is not the way to do it. The same way I decided that as I approach my 46th birthday at the end if this week (yikes) and had taken to a somewhat sedentary life style since I gave up my day job for the dream, I needed to make a resolution for life. And that is I will go to the gym every week day morning (unless an emergency, sick or away and where no gym is available) and that means forever. And I mean it. So that is what I started at the end of September and 20 plus inches shed and feeling better than ever, that is me now. There’s no going to lose weight and then stopping. You have to make a life commitment and that means with any dream.

So if you want it, make it happen but work hard so when you say I really, honestly, truly will make something happen, you will.

I see this poster on the wall in the gym every morning and I want it to be my new year message to all of you.

Thanks for your support and I look forward to more interaction and successes for us all in 2015 and beyond!




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One response to “Why we don’t need New Year for resolutions…

  1. Thank you Debz, for your continued encouragement and wisdom, and a very Happy New Year to you! I will join you with the book awards… (I am aiming for a genre specific award, and I am still seeking my agent but refuse to give up)

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