Letting the Light In

I love Christmas. I love the feeling of it. I love the expectation that fills all of December and the cosy feeling of it. But I do have the rule no cheesy Christmas movies until after December 1st. It all seems too early when as soon as Halloween is done it’s Christmas all the way on the adverts. I prefer to let it in slowly.

Tonight on Canvey is the Light up a Life service and every year Mum donates to the hospice charity and we get to hang special names on the tree and in a book of remembrance for loved ones passed: so my grandparents, Alice, Ted, Else and Alf and for the past nine years sadly my lovely Lee. So tonight I will let the spirit of Christmas seep in at the edges and the full indulgence can start Monday. Rosie’s chocolate advent and the cats’ Dreamies are ready! And I do plan to have a tree in my office! I have the bird ornaments here so just need to get a new tree. But not until mid December.

And talking of lights, I suggested the title Light in the Dark for the latest Bridge House collection that I co-edited and it is now available! We launch it alongside The Best of CafeLit 3 at a special event next weekend and I hope some of you might like to come along. The price includes a buffet and one free drink — it’s in London. Saturday December 6th!

We will have readings and talk all things BOOKS and SHORT STORIES and there will be an open panel discussion!

All welcome! LINK

So have a peaceful weekend everyone… and remember to let the light in.


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One response to “Letting the Light In

  1. My friends Ana and Joan are really excited about joining us on the launch of this book, Debz! It going to be wonderful!

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