Making things shift

I learned a few years ago the power of positive thought and this was reinforced when I read The Secret. It very much tied into my personal philosophy that mindset changes the way things happen and alters our perception of things.

Ever the optimist, I firmly believe in the good rather than the bad; that no means yes, it might just take a different approach or a little longer to make it happen. That if you look at something and find the pluses you change the way you see it and it becomes that.

So I am the kind of person who sees rejection as opportunity and flourishes when on a mission with something to prove. That’s me. I even know that health is directly linked to how you think it and tumours can be melted if you think them away (yes I know this is true, read Love, Medicine & Miracles by Bernie Siegel).

My glass isn’t half full it’s FULL, in fact it is overflowing.

I know some of you might think I am being flippant; life can be hard, you can’t magic money or make amazing things happen, but actually you can do anything if you change your mindset.

So today think about something you want; start with something small and achievable. It has worked so many times for me this, so let’s say you ask for an unusual feather or a particular symbol or bird and you think about seeing it. Not something you would see anyway as part of your day, but something a little more unusual.Think about it a few times a day and keep thinking about it. Now see what happens.

I asked for a hummingbird from somewhere unexpected. This has been something in many forms that I have seen since Lee died starting on my trip to LA just after he passed. It came as a pin (brooch) and then the real thing and then showed up in all the most unexpected places. It still does; when I need it. Or some might say when I’m looking for it; that it’s always there. Perhaps, but then it’s reminding me to look. We live in a world where we rush through the day with our heads down, we look at tablets, phones, we scurry from one place to the next. So hey, remember to look up once in a while. So when I do look and I do see this thing I asked for or wanted, I see it as an empowering and special thing, it’s all about perception — better that way than not to notice. And so I wanted one from somewhere unexpected and a few days later Lee’s parents came. It was August and they said suddenly that they had an early Christmas present for me. Now that was unexpected. What was it? A solar light for the garden shaped like a hummingbird.

So try it and you will see what is possible. Start there and move upwards…

Have a great day everyone!

It takes as long as it takes to realise the dream -- don't rush it!

It takes as long as it takes to realise the dream — don’t rush it!



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2 responses to “Making things shift

  1. Thank you, Debz. This is such an uplifting post and I agree with all you say. I have been waiting for a while for a heron to visit again and one arrived on a neighbour’s roof yesterday, almost merging with the grey sky and the old tiles. It stood still, a remarkable, awkward, yet still graceful, silhouette, just visible in the fog. There was a great aura of calm. I felt he was there just for me and that he was urging me to take a moment just to look up, pause all the frantic work on revisions, and remember the beauty that leads to positive thoughts and feeds the creative mindx

  2. Wow, the birds are everywhere at the moment! I had one of those gifts just this morning, walking home from the school run. I saw three huge swans flapping their wings as they took off from the canal, and I was compelled to stand and watch as they lifted above me where I stood on the small bridge. I have spent a lot of time shut away and looking down lately. They reminded me to look up, and it was a magnificent sight. I also believe in the Secret, Debz. It has worked wonders for my spiritual and writing achievements during recent years… now I am encouraging my husband to step aboard and join me!

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