Going Wild

Just a nice short post this morning to say that Wild n Free Forever, the new collection of wild animals stories by children aged 9 to 16 with proceeds to Born Free is now out! These are the winners and runners-up in the Paws Animal Writing Competition and is a lovely book, even if I say it myself!

Usually when I send the email to the children’s parents I get a deluge of order forms returned and so far there’s been one! Slightly disconcerting but I am guessing people might be waiting for pay-day! I have already paid out a lot with designer fees and booking the venue for the launch etc. so I hope to get some of that back. I never get it all, I always make a loss, but sometimes it’s about doing it for the right reason and I thrilled to be involved with this project!

I don’t encourage the contributors to use Amazon if possible as they take a chunk of profit and don’t give me anything for 3 months! I can make something back and give a fair bit more to Born Free doing it direct. So I hope those orders come in soon! Sure they will.

But if you are not a contributor you can order from Amazon and although it says not available for a few weeks, I ordered one with Amazon Prime to test it and it is available, so you will get it for Christmas!

The poetry collection is not released until after the winners’ announcement — December 15th and I urge everyone to order that from the Born Free Shop to ensure all profits go to the animals! I will send links when I blog about the special award ceremony in London on December 13th!

So take a look at this:

Wild n Free Forever Cover (Final)

Buy me!

That’s it folks! Add it to your Christmas lists!!!


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One response to “Going Wild

  1. I hope you get lots of forms from the parents soon. I’m sure they will want to give the grandparents copies for Christmas, especially if their grandchildren first story is published in it.

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