Don’t Go It Alone

I have talked about this before, but I read recently how many self-published authors still  don’t employ an editor, or at the very least a proof-reader and hence I see that Amazon are now taking steps to vet the quality of self-published work before accepting it. How effective this will be I don’t know. But it is welcome.

This illustrates an important point: we all need editors. A good editor works with you and it can make a massive difference to your work. I work as an editor but I couldn’t wait to have someone work with me when my novel was published. Cerys was great to work with and Richard at Parthian, also understanding the need for a good editor but also the right one, chose someone to freelance with me because not only is she a great editor, but she had also worked as a reporter, so was able to comment on some of the plot points for my reporter in the story. A wise move. So as well as picking up on the things I’d missed, she would say things like as a reporter he’d have done this or thought this etc. She also pointed out something I knew was needed for the ending and I know the ending is now the right one.

Interesting when you get the odd comment about something not being the ending they expected and comments from readers about wanting things all tied up or when they think a writer rushes something (a comment made of a writer friend’s novel recently) as if what you have in your hand when you read is an accident. Trust me, if you have worked as hard as I do on my writing and worked with an experienced editor, no stone goes unturned to coin a cliché. If it’s there a certain way, you can bet it has been discussed and chosen as part of process.

But here’s the thing, go it alone without an editor and those flaws will be there. Or could be and that’s why I am here to help and why I need the same help with my own work — doesn’t matter how good a writer you are, you will miss things when you get too close to it.

And on that note, if you need someone to critique for you, i.e. a structural detailed edit, or more of a copy-edit or a final proof-read, check out my website: DEBZ

Thanks folks and have a great day!

Oh and good news! I got to see both the new Paws titles yesterday and they look great!

Here’s Wild n Free Forever, officially released on November 24th. And me looking a little crazy! Or possibly a lot!


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